PM Modi Spearheads Cleanliness Drive for Gandhi Jayanti


In honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading by example in cleaning India. Aptly titled the Clean India campaign or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, PM Modi is aiming to solve the country’s sanitation problems in honour of the 150th anniversary of his October 2nd birthday.

PM Modi is the first Prime Minister to official address India’s challenges with cleanliness and its shortage of toilets. He aims to make the nation’s largest cities completely rubbish-free in five years time. He called on individual citizens to donate their own time—two hours a week—to assisting in this mass clean-up. With the whole country on board he says a cleaner India will encourage economic growth and reduce healthcare costs.

PM Narendra Modi Speaks At Madison Square Gardens

Narendra Modi Madison Sq Gardens

On his maiden visit to the United States, Prime Minister Modi gave an empowering speech at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. It was attended by 18,000 people and simultaneously broadcast in Times Square. Guests included US lawmakers, celebrities and prominent Indian-American civilians. He spoke from a rotating platform and addressed the crowd in Hindi and English. Hosted by the Indian-American Community Foundation, the event was the largest ever held in the United States for a foreign head of state.