Bridging Worlds A Meeting of Minds: The Story of Indians in The United Kingdom

Of all the countries Indians have made home, the United Kingdom has perhaps the longest and definitely the most complex relationship with the Diaspora. Starting as a legacy of colonisation, continuing when immigration opened after the War, immigration today is also about economic opportunities and big business with Indian companies leading the way in investing in Big Britain.

Overcoming painful legacies, building on commonalities and shared histories, Indians and Britons have come closer together as allies, creating truly A Meeting of Minds. And this has been possible largely due to the efforts of the Indian Diaspora whose success has exceeded the wildest expectations. Prominent in every field – business, politics, the professions, art and culture, media and communication – their success has not just helped relations between both countries, but has also created within the UK, a deep appreciation for the culture and capacities of the Land that was once the jewel in the crown.

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